If Life is all about waiting

I believe all of us are experiencing a lot of “waiting time” in our everyday life. Just like what I’m facing now, probably. I even put “waiting” as the title of this 2011 J Because I’ve foreseen a lot of “big” waiting time that I’ll have to face this year. It has been started actually. My husband is planning to continue his study to the doctoral degree, and he has submitted all the application files by the end of last year. So, now I’m in the process of waiting for the result. After that, we will need to wait for the scholarship. Then we will need to apply and wait for the visa, coz the school is in the United States. Afterwards, we will have to wait for the time to leave for the school. Last but not least, I also wait for a baby 😛 Those are some of my “big” waiting this year. Not to forget that I still need to wait for a bus almost every day, wait for the water to boil so that I can drink, wait for the laundry and dryer machine, wait for my husband to finish his work and join me eating or sleeping ;P, wait for class to be started, wait for a friend who’s late for his/her appointment, wait for a phone call, wait for an important email, and many other things. I believe that is what you’re experiencing day by day as well.

Few days ago, when I was just about to lose my patience in waiting for something, I pondered about all this waiting time in my life. Then I came up with an agreement with one of the movies tagline that says, “Life is waiting.” I can say that I totally agree with the tagline and I really do find that life is really about waiting. Right afterwards, a thought came up to my mind, if life is full of waiting, then shouldn’t we need to learn how to spend our waiting time wisely? Shouldn’t we learn how to maximize our waiting time? Shouldn’t we need to learn the art of waiting?

Most of us spend our time of waiting grumbling in impatience. I think most of us, if not all, don’t like waiting. Sometimes we simply spend our waiting time grumbling and resenting the time wasted, which eventually end up with a very bad mood and anger. Some other times we try to kill the time with the gadget we have in our hands or doing things we don’t really need to do, such as browsing here and there, reading (sometimes old) magazines we don’t really need to read, etc. The same thing when we’re waiting for the big things. Sometimes we just can’t wait so that we keep on nagging to God in our prayers. We can’t enjoy other big and beautiful things because our mind is so much focused on things that we’re waiting for. In short, we don’t do much in our waiting time. And since there’s so many waiting time in our life, then it means we waste so much time doing nothing important in our life.

So I think it’s really important for us to learn ‘the art of waiting’ that can help us to maximize and enjoy our waiting time. Sometimes it starts simply by anticipating the waiting time. Doing some of the things we have to do in our waiting time, such as reading the assigned readings. And for some big time of waiting like what I have, maybe we should learn to enjoy the uncertainty of waiting time, the uncertainty of our future, of our next plans. I am a planner, and always like to make plans 😛 but with all this waiting time, I can’t make any plans. Initially it was a suffering for me, but, thanks God, eventually I learn to enjoy all the time that is unplanned yet. I learn to believe that though I haven’t planned anything, God has made a perfect plan for me.

This is not a comprehensive blog on how to spend our waiting time; it was never meant to be. It’s simply meant to invite all of us to think about the amount of waiting time in our life and to learn more about the art of waiting, the art of enjoying God in the time of waiting. The art which each of us should define it personally, with God.


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